Home is my parent’s garden; Lauren & Samuel

We are ending the week on a complete high with this sunny yellow wedding day from Plus Photography. I know that Devon may seem a long way from the desert right now but with so many Brides planning their English country weddings from here, featuring this wedding was an opportunity not to be missed.

Get ready for country chic at its best .

IMG_9341 IMG_9336 IMG_9358 IMG_9368 Wedding Dresses Confetti & Wedding Dresses

holdinghands Smiles all round

playing.with.bubbles IMG_9312 Blur Kiss at.the.table

A piece of you

One of the most unique details of the day was that Lauren had  arranged for every member of the family (Bride and Groom) to send in something that they could afford to lose, but meant something to them. Like an old blanket from when they were a child, or a dress from a special occasion. Once people had sent in all of these, Lauren then sat down for hours and hours and sewed all of the items into buntings which went throughout her wedding venue. As soon as the two families started showing up, I noticed that straight away they started wondering around the venue looking for their own part of the bunting. It was an amazing way to bring the two families together and spark of those first, sometimes awkward conversations.IMG_94232 Confetti Happy Couple Pix & Mix Sing as if no one can hear you Married couple walking

It’s vintage darling

The look for Lauren and Samuel’s day was for a small vintage day set in Lauren’s parents garden. No wedding planners were used and all the amazing details that you can see were from the sheer organisation and hard work of Lauren. Amazing right?

Cards and Gift Box

IMG_9647 Under The Tree

Lighting Lighting (1) Kiss under the tree

How perfect is that last photograph? Smooch under the stars.

Hope you enjoyed a touch of English countryside in the desert today.


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