Winter Cool; Sophie & Jules…Part 1

This wedding day will blow your socks off. In fact, it’s simply too much for one post so I’ve had to split it into two.

As a graphic designer for Mulberry, Sophie clearly has cool running through her veins.  A fellow Cymbeline dress wearer, the veil is not just a normal veil, oh no, it’s a hooded cape. With a change into an equally awesome feathered cape and then an even more exquisite vintage shirt, I am sure that you will fall head over heels with Sophie’s look just like I have done.

This is a wedding full of passion, personality and pizzazz. Captured by the talented Mark Tattersall, this wedding really does have it all…..

MTAT1409 MTAT1425
MTAT1258 MTAT1450b

Who will you kiss at midnight?

Jules and Sophie were married on New Years Eve 2012 in North Somerset, UK. They chose a winter wedding in order to control the environment more – candles were lit at 5pm and fires stocked to create warmth.

MTAT1358 MTAT1328 MTAT1211

MTAT1466 MTAT1535
MTAT1561 MTAT1564
MTAT1577 MTAT1619

There’s no place like home

I couldn’t agree more with Sophie’s sentiment that some wedding venues have the feel of a ‘wedding conveyor belt’, so in order to make it completely bespoke and unique they decided to get married at her parents home in North Somerset, UK.

MTAT1643 MTAT1665 MTAT1720

Graphic Designer Queen

As a Graphic Designer, Sophie was able to design everything. Her studio is called Deer Stationer who create beautiful bespoke invitations, at any budget the client has. Judging by these images, the work is beautifully designed and crafted.
MTAT6905 MTAT6911 MTAT6923 MTAT1821

MTAT1762 MTAT1778

MTAT1922 MTAT1926 MTAT2140

Dressed to Perfection

Sophie’s Cymbeline dress was found in Mirror Mirror London, Islington; after a number of different dresses, the perfect one was found and the perfect hooded veil, also Cymbeline.  The feathered cape is Miss Selfridge and the beaded shirt from Annie’s Vintage. The hair accessory is vintage from Camden Passage and the bracelet from Liberty.

MTAT2189 MTAT2243 MTAT2416 MTAT2430 MTAT2488See, I told you. Part 2 will be coming up tomorrow….slightly cruel of me but I promise that it’s worth the wait.


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