A Tipi in the Desert

I instantly loved this company when I saw it, so I’m thrilled that they are part of our Supplier List and I am able to share it with you. Husband and wife team Aron and Natalie clearly love what they do and are committed to making sure that every couple have their dream day, which is the perfect start in your quest to find that perfect venue.

Tipi tents are a great alternative wedding venue; they offer a unique and cosy space with charm and character. Plus they are easy to decorate and personalise, providing a wonderful backdrop to your day. They certainly have the ‘wow’ factor. Just imagine your guest’s faces as they arrive into your venue with a glass of bubbles in their hand…..it’s a pretty special image isn’t it. 

To tell you more about Canvas & Wood I’ll hand you over to Natalie: 

Canvas & Wood Wedding Image 1

Tipi tents by Canvas & Wood are truly unique with nothing else like them in the region.

Canvas & Wood believe that weddings are worth celebrating in style and deserve a setting fit for the occasion.

We want each and every one of our clients to have the time of their lives during the celebration of their lifetime!

Natalie Crampton

Canvas & Wood Wedding Image 3

Canvas & Wood was established by husband and wife team Natalie Crampton and Aron Bentley at the end of 2011.

We visited the UK in Summer 2011 with the aim of buying a house. During the same trip we were invited to a family party which is where we were introduced to tipi’s – it was love at first sight! Natalie and I decided almost immediately to put the house plans on hold and buy tipi’s instead! We knew there was nothing else like them in the region and were certain there was a market for something like this – something different, something to make people go WOW!

Aron Bentley

Round table Wedding

Each tipi tent can hold up to 72 people for a sit down dinner, two joined together up to 120, three joined – 150, and so on. A bespoke floor plan can be created for any bride and groom to be to help visulise the event set up.

They’re a viable and exciting alternative to a traditional wedding marquee, and comparable in cost too.

Wooden benches Wedding

Where possible, the tipi tents are made entirely out of natural materials. They offer a wonderful blank canvas for brides and grooms to add their own finishing touches. If required, Canvas & Wood also stock a range of quality furnishings as well as lots of other lovely things to create a really unique and special event.

Canvas & Wood Wedding Image 4

Unfortunately we hadn’t discovered tipi tents before we got married. Our wedding day was the best day of our life but if we could change one thing, it would definitely have taken place in a tipi!

Natalie Crampton

Round table Closed sides natalie and aron 2


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