Introducing Ocho Photography

If you’re on the look out for a photographer then Ocho Photography could be the one for you. They also provide wedding planning services as well so you could be onto a double winner.

The picture is a moment, and our life is a journey full of those moments… my mission is to capture those moments to keep them forever.

Joseph Bassil

In order to gain an insight into the world of Ocho Photography, here is a selection of some of their favourite photographs from weddings throughout the years.

1111 12104_564758396871111_1909720787_n 15643_564758406871110_1416393964_n 23325_545746072125767_1063941535_n 37107_573746242638993_821372259_n 46132_573746272638990_536201938_n 65133_564758530204431_1604761275_n 181890_564758416871109_725737522_n 271927_260929560587331_7251251_o 282736_468311626515789_119129598_n 420785_384261034920849_741717797_n 422826_408215885858697_2026389025_n 426821_408220202524932_1289926945_n 429377_408216279191991_1243796508_n 429946_408221322524820_1703775563_n 430614_408220779191541_1454780881_n 430675_408222069191412_907056789_n 536812_468311693182449_1903175539_n 563631_561475550532729_1408387728_n 577858_566426593370958_969774420_n


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