Couture in the Middle East; Sohad Acouri

Lebanese-born Sohad Acouri is a master of creativity and elegance. After establishing himself as a top designer in Dubai, he has now launched ‘Sohad Acouri White’; the Bridal collection. Inspired by the four seasons and reflecting glamour, romance and royalty this stunning collection of dresses is completely unique.

I am absolutely excited about revealing my latest bridal collection ‘White’. The dresses in this collection are close to my heart, and were inspired by the four seasons in nature, lending them an organic but exciting feel. The woman who selects a dress from this collection is the embodiment of strength, glamour and sophistication.

Sohad Acouri

I was drawn to Sohad’s work due to the intricate detail of each dress, plus there is some serious back pretty (which is always my favourite part of a wedding dress). Keep up to date with Sohad’s work (there is also lots of cocktail dress pretty to gaze upon) through Facebook.

IMG_4518 IMG_4430 IMG_4434 _HHC4223 Lamasat-sohad-1st dps Lamasat-sohad-1st dps Lamasat-sohad-2nd dps Lamasat-sohad-2nd dps Lamasat-sohad-3rd dps


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