Ice Cream for Weddings and Events; Desert Chill

The latest edition to our Supplier List is Desert Chill; an ice cream van servicing the desert each and every day. I think that the surprise and yummy factor of an ice cream van on your wedding day is brilliant (but then I would say that because we had one!) If like me, you’re tempted by ice cream then look no further than Desert Chill:

Here’s a tip for wedding planners who want bring an element of surprise to their big day: Include a totally unexpected surprise visitor!

Desert Chill, suitably dubbed “the coolest business in the UAE”, will bring Ice Cream Van Service directly to your wedding.

With catering rates starting at 500 Minimum Spend, the colourful Ice Cream Vans from Desert Chill will enable wedding planners to create a unique experience that puts a smile on those in attendance – especially the children!


“Every bride-to-be wants her big day to be spectacular, yet personal for you and those you love. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering for your nearest and dearest, or a spectacular event for hundreds, Desert Chill Ice Cream Vans will bring smile, surprise and satisfaction to those in attendance,”

Nathen Furlong, Co-Founder of Desert Chill.

Partnering with Algida (Unilever), the vans will come to your wedding loaded with the world’s favorite Ice Cream, including Magnum™, Twister™ and Cornetto™. The folks at Desert Chill can even customize an ice cream treat or dessert for the occasion. What’s more – you can pick the jingle they play upon arrival.


Desert Chill has been cooling down crowds in Dubai since 2008. The concept caught wind and is now also providing chill factor to neighbourhoods, weddings, PR events, corporate functions and sporting events in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

With over 200 catering events per year, Desert Chill has brought fun and surprise to events for Blackberry, HSBC, Samsung, Louis Vuitton, Nestle, Etisalat, Marriot Hotels and DHL.

 “A big thank you to you and your team! It was really well received and I think the guys enjoyed it very much. I think we did indeed underestimate the sweet tooth that our guys have…”

Anu Dag, HR Manager at DHL

How to contact Desert Chill to get an Ice Cream Van for your Wedding:

T: 0506122108

BBM – 27F7DA9A

Tweet – @desertchill

Facebook – Desert Chill




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