Chic Alors; Wedding Planners

If you’re thinking about hiring a wedding planner then read on because I’m sure that this interview with Chic Alors will be all the persuasion you need. Having worked on numerous private events (for the likes of Christian Louboutin and De Beers…I know, jealous) Chic Alors are also the hidden talent behind many weddings. To get an insight into their world and to potentially be persuaded then read on:

What is it about weddings that made you want to become a wedding planner?

I think being a part of someone’s very happy and special time is very inviting in itself. Also the details and aesthetics involved in pulling together a wedding make it a very fun and exciting process, always new and always challenging- in a good way…I fell into wedding planning without having ‘planned’ for it …after several weddings I found myself naturally flowing with it all and it became something that I wholeheartedly enjoyed…


What fashion style and trends do you predict for 2013?

I don’t believe that wedding trends can be dictated or predicted…weddings after all are a reflection of the couple’s style and preferences and because of this there is no set style or trends…weddings looks range from classical, modern, rustic, vintage etc…having said that we at Chic Alors are always looking at ways in communicating and translating the couples wedding requests and mood in unique ways …

What do you admire most in the wedding world?

I am a huge fan of texture…so I love fabrics, linens and how all the elements come together in their entirety …looking at the complete picture with everything in its place really is quite beautiful…even down to the lighting which carries everything perfectly. Also the vibe of the wedding and how the couple and guests are enjoying the night makes it even more special and adds a little magic to it all…


Do you have a favourite idea or concept from a wedding that you have worked on?

Wow, I have many, I think I have an idea from every wedding which I love… musical notes as table signs…baby breath clouds, countryside rustic wedding set in a deserted castle, alter ego characters for bride and groom…to name but a few.

How do you help couples who are confused about what they want?

By narrowing it down for them and taking away the clutter from their thought process because not everything looks great or is ideal in a wedding set up. I think a lot of choice confuses people, but when you present the relevant ideas and choices then it becomes more manageable …


What is your favourite non-wedding event that you’ve organised and why?

I once organised an annual party based on a mafia theme…I thoroughly enjoyed pulling the details together to make the surroundings reflective of old school gangster as though one just walked into a depot or underground operation space …  we filled the surroundings with open ammunition boxes with machine guns and guns…open money bags overflowing with cash and coins, cushions with famous mafia characters printed on them, hostesses dressed in sexy masculine suits with machine guns in hand…I loved this set up because I’m a fan of the sophisticated yet dangerous world of old school mafia…and it all came together so well.

 4796 2951 3052

For more information on Chic Alors:

T: 050 220 6171  



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