Wedding in the Desert; Sam & James

Sam and James’ magnificent wedding took place in the most breathtaking scenery. Inviting pools of water and luscious grass set within a desert landscape. There can be no other wedding photos that fit so comfortably with the theme of the website than these, which actually show a bride wearing ‘lace in the desert’!

Mario Guarneros, has managed to capture the contrasting bright colours of the happy day perfectly.


404112_10151187686553383_1809382308_n 555510_10151187682043383_1231215860_n 431147_10151187682368383_1382111472_n

424189_10151187682988383_1535050553_n 418791_10151187680518383_2119491634_n 284816_10151187679743383_1345849026_n 551743_10151187680158383_1418515485_n 539539_10151187681038383_1032529133_n 539400_10151187681513383_2003169980_n 558986_10151187682668383_13085816_n 303580_10151187683353383_1047365079_n 303612_10151187684318383_1640735383_n 527250_10151187684753383_363585002_n 228552_10151187685183383_1568297136_n 293468_10151187685563383_340471118_n

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