Weddings by Absolute Events

There can be absolutely no doubt that there are some weddings that stand out in your mind. Sometimes that is because of the effort that has been put into the personal details, sometimes because of the sheer extravagance of the event. For whatever reason, the examples that you see below by Absolute Events show some truly epic examples of weddings that would certainly stick in my mind. A good wedding planner is worth their weight in gold and the creativity, detail and effort that has gone into the weddings showcased below certainly pushes well beyond the boundaries of what a bride could achieve if she was to have any time to herself before the big day! I hope you enjoy as much as I have. 

What makes an experience with Absolute so unique?

At Absolute, we help ease our clients’ event planning burdens for them to actually enjoy their special day and greet their guests without even thinking of the smallest of details. We take care of absolutely all-planning elements starting with wedding theme and design concepts, venues, suppliers sourcing and coordination, to hair and makeup, photography and videography services and of course support on the day. We offer a comprehensive list of services so that our brides don’t need to worry about anything other than to enjoy that special day!


Why should a Bride use a Wedding Planner?

Anyone who has ever been involved in the preparation of a wedding knows the immense amount of time, money, and stress involved in the process. In every bride’s mind exists a vision of what her perfect day will look like. We have all been dreaming of our wedding day ever since we were little girls! Unfortunately, once the planning begins, many brides find out that a few barriers stand between the dream and the reality. The cost of creating a dream wedding for one thing, as well as finding the time to make all of the endless arrangements.

Wedding planners bring both creativity and experience when it comes to deciding the concept and the theme of the wedding. A planner will help the bride with all the frustrating and time consuming details such as shopping vendors, reviewing contracts, keeping track of deadlines, tracking invitations and R.S.V.Ps, making and recording deposits and payments, and confirming details.

Probably the biggest benefit of hiring a wedding planner though is that someone other than the bride takes responsibility for coordinating all the details and directing the wedding. Instead of tracking down bakers and florists, or fixing floral arrangements the bride can instead enjoy her blissfully perfect day.


What fashion style and trends do you predict for 2013?

Wedding fashion is evolving; we now see dresses with statement backs, modern veils, high fashion accessories such as feathers and much more. Brides to be now have a variety of choices when it comes to the style, colour, length of the dresses, brides now can easily find a dress that truly reflects their style, fashion sense and personality.

We have seen five trends that truly dominated the SS13 bridal runways such as colour, statement backs, and lace and convertible gowns with removable and adjustable skirts giving the bride an option for a second party dress.


Maryam and Khalid-38

What motivates you when it coming up with new ideas?

The excitement starts with the meeting the couple of course. An important aspect to coming up with new ideas for the themes and concepts comes from knowing the couple’s personality, their likes and dislikes, favourite colours, how they met and how the groom proposed. At Absolute, we always aim to design weddings based on the couple, the big has to after all reflect who they really are. This is the part that makes my job challenging but fun!

Do you have a favourite idea or concept from a wedding that you have worked on?

All my clients have different visions and concepts and for me all of them have a special place in my heart but my favourite thing is when I am given a location that I have to transform from scratch. I recently had an engagement in a Moroccan style home Majlis that I had to transform to a Shabby Chic theme!

 Maryam and Khalid-2

Maryam and Khalid-15

Which celebrity wedding do you most wish you could have worked on?

I would have liked to be a part of Leandra Medine’s wedding of The Man Repeller. She has such a diverse style and love her outlook of mixing classical French elements with rocker chic.

Maryam and Khalid-4

What do you like to do when you’re not planning weddings?

Travel. Every chance I get. 

Maryam and Khalid-10

Maryam and Khalid-30


If you like what you see then get all the details for Absolute Events on our Supplier List.


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