Susanna Rachel; The Perfect Bridal Experience

If like many Dubai based brides struggling to find ‘the one’ then you may have just stumbled on a small miracle; Susanna Rachel. Susanna is a ex-pat with a difference; she is a bespoke bridal dress designer. If you love the top half of a Temperley dress, the middle of an Amanda Wakeley and the swooshing skirt of a Vera Wang then you may in fact need Susanna’s skills (although even to me that combination sounds slightly off the wall!) The point is, you can create the dress that you have always dreamed of and have it fitted perfectly to your own unique self. Sounds pretty perfect doesn’t it. 

Read on to discover more about Susanna’s services and what makes her tick.

What makes an experience with Susanna Rachel so unique?

Having your gown created by Susanna Rachel is such a personal service, myself and my brides together design all the dress details, from initial silhouette shape, fabric choice, colour palette though to the finest embellishment details.

The couture process allows brides to be part of the entire creation of the gown from start to finish, usually brides will have between 3 and 4 fittings, this personal involvement usually means they end up very attached to their gowns!

At the end of the experience each of our brides receives a personal canvas sketch of their original bespoke design.



Which materials are your favourite for designing with?

It has to be lace, in particular French Chantilly and Corded lace. It hangs beautifully and is delicate and intricate without being too over the top bling!

Which celebrity would you most like to design a wedding dress for?

I would have loved to of designed for Kate Moss, but Galliano got there first!!

Sienna Miller would be amazing to design for, I love her personal style.

Do you have a personal favourite style of bridal gown, and if so, why?

I don’t really have a personal favourite style; I think it totally depends on the bride. And the setting of the wedding. I like to design specifically for each individual bride depending on their personal style. Different design shapes work better for different figures, heights and looks.  I love simple chiffon Grecian gowns for a beach wedding but then a regal lace gown with a cathedral length veil gives the wow factor for a church wedding.

What motivates you when it comes to designing?

Fabrics. Beautiful fabrics area always the starting point for my designing, I always find once I have a great collection of silk and lace my designs start flowing. Everywhere I travel I try to sources new fabrics and trimmings. Pinterest is also an amazing resource for ideas.


For confused Brides would you advise wearing a headpiece or veil? Or both?

It depends of the formality of the wedding and the setting. I love headpieces but at the same time I think less is more, you don’t want a head piece that is going to distract from the rest of the brides outfit. It needs to balance the dress not avert attention away form it, or more importantly the brides face!

Which other designers inspire you the most, and why?

All the couture greats… Dior, Valentino and  Stéphane Rolland. They created fashion to make women look elegant and fabulous. They epitomise beauty and style.

What do you like to do when you’re not designing?

I love being outdoors, it’s easy to be a sun worshipper here in Dubai! I also love cooking, I’m attempting to master tapas at the moment!!


IMG_0100 2_3


To make an appointment with Susanna contact her:




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