Sophie Hendra; Professional Make Up Artist

If you’re looking for a make up artist for your wedding day then you may have just found her. Sophie Hendra. Once you clasp eyes on the flawless work that she produces then I’m sure that you will be convinced – you’ll need to hurry though as this girl is in demand!
However you envisaged your look on your wedding day: natural, smokey eye, dewy, with some sparkle, it can all be achieved with Sophie’s seemingly magic touch.
I am a British Professional Makeup Artist specialising in Celebrity, Bridal, Fashion & Beauty, Photographic, Airbrushing, Editorial, Commercial, Runway and TV & Film. My editorial work can be seen in many high profile publications across the Middle East and Europe and I have worked with many prolific figures in the Fashion and Beauty Industry. My bridal experience spans a decade and I am known for my Signature style of elegant, flawless makeup that enhances, rather than masks, the natural beauty of every face.
I am also one of the only artists in the Region to use professional airbrushing (a favourite with my Celebrity and Bridal Clients), where the makeup is applied with an airgun and compressor to provide an absolutely flawless, HD photo ready finish.
 As a Professional Makeup Artist, I have found that my Bridal Clients want a natural but flawless look which is also long lasting.  I am one of the first in this region to use a professional compressor and airbrush gun to apply the makeup base. By using an airbrush, the make-up is dispersed so finely that it can barely be seen. By resting on the surface of the skin and not being rubbed in it doesn’t exaggerate the pores like conventional makeup application.
The process allows the skin to breathe but can conceal all marks including birthmarks, scars and tattoos.  Airbrush makeup is water resistant so tears or perspiration don’t cause a problem, you can simply blot away any moisture leaving the makeup in place perfectly. With over 18 hours of wear, airbrush makeup won’t rub off on clothing or fade but is easily removed at the end of the day and is gentle on the skin. Once I have sprayed the airbrush makeup on to my Clients it dries instantly and doesn’t need re-applying which is perfect for an outdoors wedding or harsh climate.
1. Mischa
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Photo Credit: L’Officiel Magazine, ITP in-house senior photographer

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