War Paint Engagement Shoot

This has to be up there as one of the best and original engagement shoots ever! I am lucky enough to have been submitted it by DwJohnson Studio.
A few words from the groom on their inspiration, “We were sitting around one day talking about movies and realized we both love the movie “Ten things I hate about you”.  We talked about the scene where the 2 main characters are running around and throwing paint filled water balloons at each other. At the end of the scene they are kissing with paint covered faces and laughing with each other. We both looked at each other and agreed that would be fun to do… We ended up ordering color powder from India based off the traditional Indian Festival of Color called Holi.  The paint arrived and we had a lovely color fight and DwJohnson photography was ready and willing to help capture the moment.”
I am also lucky enough to be able to share their proposal story as well, “On December 28th, 2011 I surprised Samantha with a day trip to New York City.  Neither one of us had ever been to New York, so this was a new adventure for us both and it was symbolic of the new adventure of our marriage that’s to come!  I took her to see a Broadway musical (something she always wanted to do).  We walked around Time Square.
Then we walked down to Rockefeller Center where I had gotten VIP tickets to go ice skating in front of the giant Christmas tree.  We skated for a short while and then I pulled her into the center of the ice rink and told her I loved her for the very first time (I promised myself I would never say “I love you” to a girl unless I was going to marry her), and then got down one knee and asked her to marry me.  
Everyone in the place stopped skating and started cheering when she said YES!  Then I surprised her again because I had flown out her best friend along with my roommate to spend the night with us in New York City. We stayed up half the night running around enjoying New York City.  Oh and my roommate is David Johnson of DwJohnson photography so we got some cool photos of the proposal too!”
So without further ado, here is the awesome engagement shoot….it will get you in the mood for a paint fight! I can only imagine how brilliant the wedding day will be!


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